Sports and Leisure Pool at Brauhausberg

The main task of the competition was the development of a sports and leisure pool in a prominent location at the Brauhausberg in Potsdam.

ProjectNew construction of a water park
ClientCity of Potsdam
DesignGewers Pudewill
Award2. Prize 2013
VisualisationEVE Images

The Brauhausberg is considered a natural landmark and has been around even longer than the Havel. The idea was to enrich this important location with a typical Potsdam theme, including hillside terraces. In order to implement the plan, five long-format, sliding smaller halls of different width were designed. The bright, yellow-grey bricks of the facades are characteristic of Potsdam. Their design, with its playful use of loosely scattered openings, can also be found in the open spaces of the bath.

The building subtly blends into the landscape with halls that are gently stacked alongside the slope. The lower part of the Brauhausberg is also stacked in height and outfitted with brick and planted retaining walls, similar to the historical examples. The finished design took second place at the prestigious award, which included more than 30 international participants.