Technology Centre BSH Household Appliances

Sustainable washing meets sustainable structures. The new technology centre in Berlin Spandau is a combination of research, office and laboratory buildings.

ProjectOffice and Laboratory Building
ClientProjektentwicklungsgesellschaft Technologiepark Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
UserBSH Hausgeräte GmbH
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workBuilding planning work phase 1-5, (8)
Size31,500 sqm
AwardWinner Iconic Awards 2015, Special Mention German Design Award 2016
TeamArchitect in charge Jan Parth
PhotographerEberle & Eisfeld

It is here where a large part of the laundry know-how of Bosch and Siemens household appliances is bundled. It is also where approximately 1,100 technicians and engineers work tirelessly on creating the most environmentally friendly and economical washing machines and dryers of tomorrow. The goal was the creation of a building that not only added to the brand identity but also took the complex functional and needed flexibility into consideration. Moreover, it should help streamline communication between the office and laboratory.

The new building is directly located at the waterfront of the river Spree and consists of a central, seven-story main body for testing and laboratory area. Attached to this are six, flexibly deployable office modules. The considerable size of the building (105 m x 85 m) is kept visually in check by the modularized structure and dynamic curves of the technical-looking metal facade. The spacious, six story structure comes with a glazed east facade that overlooks the river Spree while adding to the building’s characteristic flair. Below, one can find the employee canteen, complete with an outdoor terrace directly on the water.

The new technology centre represents the successful transformation of a manufacturing- into a future-oriented innovation location. Because saving resources and energy efficiency are essential aspects for future household appliance development, the new building was also planned and realized according to the ideals of a green building concept. The building has received several awards, including Winner Iconic Awards 2015 and Special Mention at the German Design Award in 2016.