Open eyes – open mind: That’s how all our projects begin. To get a feel for what a building’s role is within its surrounding, we take the time to reflect on its location, context and atmosphere. Only then do we start the creative processes that lead up to a draft. Along the way, we enjoy tapping into the energy caused by the tension between different aspects such as nature and technology, old and new, or light and shadow. We’re convinced that sometimes, it just takes a few decisions to turn buildings into architecture. That’s we approach any project with the enthusiasm and goal of making it simple, unique and innovative. Most importantly, we want to be proud of every single one.

Execution and Quality

Every project begins with the same goal: To give every design and building the utmost in quality, sustainability, ecological efficiency and individual character. This set of standards can be seen throughout our entire work, right down to the smallest detail. Even the best idea can only reach its true potential when it’s further refined and brought to life through excellent and innovative implementation. This is achieved through first-class design and the technical execution of all works, which we carefully select according to such aspects of quality and timelessness. While doing this, we let the natural materials, which we often use, boldly show their quality to the outside world once integrated into the finished building.