Located in one of the most important cultural and political areas of Berlin, the Admiralpalast in the Friedrichstraße has been lovingly renovated to become the state-of-the-art venue and cultural attraction it is today.

ProjectAlteration and refurbishment of the Admiralspalast Theatre
ClientAdmiralspalast GmbH & Co. KG
DesignGewers Kühn und Kühn
Scope of workBuilding planning work phase 1-5, (8)
Size11,000 sqm
AwardMention BDA-Preis Berlin 2009
TeamArchitect in charge Georg Gewers
PhotographerEberle & Eisfeld

This was done with the utmost respect to preserving the building’s legendary history while complimenting it with a self-confident, contemporary flair. To avoid single-use scenarios, various areas were created in different locations, which gives the wide-ranging variety of programs their optimal space. The main area of the complex is the Great Hall with space for 1.700 people and three balconies.

Another important renovated area is the former Admiralbad. This natural spring source, which was part of the original 1873 building, was rediscovered and painstakingly restored. In addition, new attractive venues were created, like the studio stage on the fourth floor, the club in the basement and a small event area Foyer 101 on the third floor. A newly created stairwell connects all areas to one another.

An important aspect during renovation what that the building retains its unique aura and traces of use throughout the ages. This meant that the renovation avoided turning the building into an over polished, “soulless” structure. Patina and traces of wear-and-tear were intentionally preserved. All modernization was done out of functional necessity and always to create a harmonic balance between the old and the new.