Competition High-Rise Building Munich

In the immediate vicinity of the BMW Research and Innovation Center in the northeast of Munich, a new point of identification is to be created by a 60-meter-high building in an environment that is very heterogeneously characterized by residential, commercial and industrial activities.

ProjectDesign Competition for a high-rise building with hotel and office uses;
Open space planning
ClientHUF 4 GmbH Co. KG
EntwurfGewers Pudewill
Design27.200 qm
TeamNikos Athanasiadis, Philipp Winter
w+p Landschaften Hans-Jörg Wöhrle
Maryam Esmaeilzadeh, Lukas Mettler
Consultantsbg Sachverständigenbüro Goldmann

The immediate adjacency to a generous green axis running in a north-south direction with bicycle paths and a high quality of stay is an essential quality feature for the future location.

The compact volume dictated by the building site and the spatial program results in a building body of approx. 41m by 49 m with a height of 60 m, a rather unfavorable ratio for a high-rise building.

In order to solve the desired uses of office and hotel in a functional as well as architecturally high-quality way, the design approach consisted of a large building structure, which is structured by multi-storey “city loggias” and cross-storey glazing, thus visually losing its mass and nevertheless positioning itself as a landmark in Munich’s urban space.

At the same time, exciting outdoor areas are created for users with a variety of visual relationships and amenity qualities. The consistent greening of the large urban loggias promotes the human scale of perception and also contributes to an improvement of the microclimate.

On the first floor, in addition to the foyers to the hotel and office areas, there are many public uses such as restaurants, cafes, but also – in keeping with the spirit of the times – parcel stations.

The facades are vertically structured with fine pilaster strips made of Structuran – a 100% recycled glass material. The hotel and office uses are differentiated by a jump in scale in the arrangement of the pilaster strips, thereby subtly emphasizing their function. While the lower part of the building with the hotel area has a denser spacing of the pilaster strips and the façade thus also has a somewhat lower transparency, the façade in the office area opens up significantly more and provides an unobstructed view of the BMW corporate headquarters, the Olympic site and the beautiful surroundings of Munich.