Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

Advancing health issues and identifying risks: This is the mission of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. To help them better achieve this, a new location in Berlin-Charlottenburg was developed in 2011, complete with an equally interesting building.

ProjectOffice complex and laboratory building
Clientberlinbiotechpark GmbH & Co. KG
UserBfR - Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workBuilding planning work phase 1-5
Size22.400 qm
TeamArchitect in charge Jan Parth
PhotographerEberle & Eisfeld

For the circa 70 employees, the centralised location was a welcome change. Before that, they had been dispersed throughout various locations in Berlin Dahlem. Both communication and working processes were greatly enhanced and streamlined in the new building. The existing building, which already housed the office workstations was expanded via a new, state-of-the-art structure for the approximately 80 laboratory employees. The two buildings are connected by a bridge, which not only ensures a lively exchange between the two but also sets a harmonic tone both in functionality and design.

Due to the fact that the building forms the entrance area to the new berlinbiotechpark, it was crucial that it not only meet practical and economic requirements but also fulfil the high demands regarding its external impact. In order to show laboratory activity both inside and out, the facade and the windows were given a folded structure, which gives off a crystalline appearance. This in turn creates an intriguing and dynamic contrast to the brick and mortar look of the old building.