Im Wirtschaftswunder

Three buildings as inspiring as their surroundings. The former headquarters of Commerzbank in the Schöneberger Bülowstraße will see extensive renovation, realignment and the addition of new building.

ProjectRevitalization and modernization of old bank properties and construction of an office building
ClientPecan Development GmbH
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workBuilding planning work phase 1-4, detailed planning
Size46,800 sqm
TeamArchitect in charge Tilman Richter-von Senfft
PhotographerHG Esch, Philipp Winter

Goal for this historic area, complete with three building all from different epoch, is to retain the identity and character while simultaneously integrating new features. With its progressive and dynamic architectural design, the central, seven-story building on the street corner of Bülowstraße/Steinmetzstraße, stands for the vibrant, international Berlin of the 21st century.

Behind the curved white facade of metal and glass, one will find contemporary office landscapes for a modern working world. The facades of the other two buildings: The Forum at Potsdamer Straße 125 and The Kontor at Bülowstraße 78, will remain largely unchanged. In all, the building will offer 27,000 square metres of office space and 3,000 square metres for retail and catering.

Harmoniously integrated quiet courtyards and rooftop terraces give the entire ensemble a welcoming atmosphere where one wants to stay. In interplay between old and new perfectly reflects the Potsdamer Straße, whose charm also comes from its diversity. In recent years, numerous young, upcoming galleries have settled in the formerly rather rough area.

This exciting development is also reflected in the Economic Wonder. Because the former bank often made a closed-off impression, which was the custom of the time, the new building will appear bright, open, elegant and become a vital part of the quarter’s geography.