Office Building Dr.-Gessler-Str. 8, Regensburg

With the construction project at Dr.-Gessler-Str. 8, EXPEC Property Developer GmbH is planning the construction of a new office building with underground parking that meets modern requirements in technical, functional, design and economic terms.

ProjectConstruction of an office building with underground parking
ClientEXPEC Property Developer GmbH
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of WorkBuilding planning work phase 1-5
Areaapprox. 5,000 sqm
TeamProject management Elena Flegler

The property is located in a neighborhood with heterogeneous building structure, in particular different storeys and strongly differing volumes.

The alignments of the neighboring buildings are taken up by the shaping of a three-story structure with alternating facade and continued as a C- shaped building structure.

The formation of the building form creates a green courtyard and the possibility of outdoor parking spaces located at the front. The open spaces form the design and functional link of the complex.

The building structure, which is partially staggered to the inner courtyard, fits into the location and with its height development reacts sensitively and individually to the direct neighborhood, in particular the small-scale residential development on the northern property line.

The folded building structure here can reflect, among other things, the division of possible use units. The alternating façade allows for different visual relationships that link the building more closely to its surroundings.

This building project is a property designed to meet user needs. Not only does it meet the criteria of a sustainability or green building certification, but it also meets the requirements in many areas that a future user would expect of a truly sustainable property.