Labels Blue

Location follows function. To spare retail partners of the fashion brand the hassle of making it through Berlin's notorious inner-city traffic just to order the new collection, a new concept was created.

ProjectFashion centre
ClientLABELS Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
DesignGewers Pudewill
Size11,760 sqm
Award1. Prize 2011
TeamArchitect in charge Nina Hattingh
VisualisationEVE Images

This was achieved with a better-connected spin-off of the fashion centre’s labels 1 and 2. The design of the new building near the highway for the Blue Dreilinden label ensures for a serine structure with clean lines that make optimal use of the property, while creating more flexibility and efficiency. The circular areas with showrooms and catwalks are grouped around the covered atrium, all of which are accessible via the ring system concept. In keeping with the “pragmatic yet poetic” idea, the open interior is rhythmized via slight angles that are offset floor-by-floor.

In doing so, a structure is created within the spacious atrium that resembles textile fabrics. This in turn is enhanced by lively glass elements that ensure a natural exposure of the layers. The theme of fabric design is taken up again as seen in the facade, which gives the building a functionally sound and self-confident outer portrayal.