Volkswagen Head Office Building

Bringing a landmark from the last century into the present. The Volkswagen administrative building was completed in 1959 and has since become an inseparable part of the city skyline.

ProjectRevitalization of the listed corporate headquarters
ClientVolkswagen AG
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workBuilding planning LPH 1-5, (8)
Size28,300 sqm
TeamArchitect in charge Thomas Birk

To ensure that the building continues to optimally meet the demands of a modern company, comprehensive renovations were undertaken in 2016. Restoration was as important as innovation, which is why the preservation of the structure’s quintessential 1950’s aesthetics was a crucial part of the architectural mix.

In renewing the supporting concrete skeleton, the entire facade had to be removed and painstakingly rebuilt. In all, 1,200 windows were replaced. The entire system responsible for fire protection, heating, cooling and data transfer was also completely updated and brought up to the very latest standards. The office landscape has been innovatively designed with welcoming and inspiring rooms. A total of more than 28,300 square meters makes working for the global group even more contemporary and attractive.

An impressive, two-story showroom was also added, which creates a perfect stage for the presentation of the latest Volkswagen models. It also functions as a space for other events and future activities. Employees and visitors are greeted at the company building’s two new entrances. The structure’s timeless design, complete with its elegant canopy gives the entire construction an elegant touch, while respectfully fitting into the well-known characteristic appearance on the Wolfsburg Mittelland Canal.