New Building and Integration of a MMIC FAB/EVD FAB and Stock Revitalisation

The term Naukograd, literally means “science city” and refers to a place in Russia with a high concentration of scientific research institutions.

PlaceFryazino, Russia
ProjectConstruction and integration of MMIC FAB / FAB EVD and revitalization of production buildings
ClientState Enterprise
DesignGewers Pudewill
ServiceMaster planning
Size139,000 sqm
VisualisationEVE Images

Fryazino, located northeast of Moscow, is one the 70 places with this status. For around 80 years, research and production facilities have been located here with a special emphasis on the microelectronics sector. However, 20 years of no investment in technology, infrastructure and building materials have left their mark. That is why a strategic realignment, as well as an urgent and comprehensive need for refurbishment and new construction was needed.

The overall plan developed for the project is based on analyses of the current situation as well as the required construction measures. It also takes existing structures intro consideration (buildings, traffic routes, development). Buildings worth preserving are to be modernised and outfitted with contemporary features. The goal is to once again bring the science city back on track with a promising, high-tech future.