Residential Park Joachimstrasse/Lindenstrasse

In a new residential quarter in Berlin-Köpenick, the right mix of individuality and togetherness has been created.

ProjectConstruction of 11 new residential buildings with 203 apartments including underground garage, commercial and children's day-care center
Clientdegewo AG
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workGeneral planning work phase 1-9
Size25,740 sqm
TeamArchitects in charge 1st phase of construction Tilman Richter-von Senfft, 2nd phase of construction Thomas Birk
PhotographerEberle & Eisfeld

On request of the state-owned housing association degewo, an attractive settlement was built with 203 subsidized apartments in eleven buildings, as well as a day care centre with a spacious playground. Green courtyards, balconies and visual axes create enough space for the daily needs of the residents in spite of the facilities size. This is further supported by the finely coordinated play of the different colours and shapes in the recesses.

In addition, the individual rows of buildings are arranged from the inside out in subtly enlarging radiuses. This was inspired by the concentric rings formed by a stone falling into the water. The L-shaped building, located at the crossroads, is used as a commercial area and day care centre. With the park, a new, residential space was created that offered a high standard of living with comparatively little effort.