Garden House Andreasstraße/Andreashöfe

In a typical Berlin backyard workshop where once cars were repaired, one will now find an attractive residential ensemble with historic roots.

Project58 apartment units
ClientBPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workBuilding planning work phase 1-5
Size9,990 sqm
TeamArchitect in charge Alexander Mendelsohn
PhotographerFelix Löchner

The Andreashöfe is located in the busy downtown and forms a quiet, green and bright living oasis with 58 apartment units. The main building climbs up the seven-story fire wall of the neighbouring house, while the generous balconies face the sun like swallow nests.

The clinker facade of the basement floors reflects the former building’s use as a coach house and gives the entire complex a timeless value. The Andreashöfe proves that with a well-thought-out concept, urban densification can also create a high standard of living.