The newly constructed urban living area at the Columbiadamm is located directly across from the historic Tempelhof Airport and comes with both commercial and residential areas.

ProjectResidential with an integrated retail unit
ClientProjektgesellschaft Columbiadamm 37-43 mbH
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workGeneral planning work phase 1-7, building planning work phase 1-7
Size11,900 sqm
AwardSpecial Mention German Design Award 2018
TeamArchitects in charge Alexander Mendelsohn, Ulf Griesel

In this lively neighbourhood with the much-loved Culumbiahalle event location and Culumbiahalle theatre, one will find a welcoming green courtyard in the centre of the building, which transports a sense of privacy and tranquillity. In terms of material eves height and colour, the overall architectural design is inspired by the airport which shares its location. The residential and commercial units are visually connected by a seamless base-level made of a uniform material, as well as an intersection on the ground floor.

The large format glazed floor on the first floor of both buildings with its prominent undercut gives the large building a free-floating and sculptural appearance. Narrow bright clinker bricks and semi-transparent cladding elements create an elegant sense of calmness and round out the harmonic interplay between the buildings.