Old Slaughterhouses, Berlin

After 30 years of vacancy, decay and fire damage, new life was brought into the last remaining unrenovated halls of the former slaughterhouse, which are listed as historical monuments. The refurbishment and structural-physical upgrading in line with the requirements of a listed building was equivalent to a complete new building in terms of technical and financial expenditure.

ProjectRehabilitation of listed slaughterhouse halls
ClientHB Reavis (UBX 2 Objekt Berlin S.à.r.l.)
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workGeneral planning work phase 1-4, building planning work phase 1-5, (8)
Size9.092 sqm
TeamProjektleiter Tilman Richter-von Senfft
PhotographerHG Esch
Philipp Winter (Bilder Baustelle)

The result of the metamorphosis from slaughterhouse halls used on an industrial scale, built around the turn of the century, to today’s demands and expectations of modern office and special spaces with a historical connection speaks for itself. The careful transformation of the buildings into the new phase of use, in which even individual graffiti were preserved as evidence of the (illegal) interim use typical of Berlin, shows once again the importance of preserving and continuing to use historic building fabric.

The halls are not only suitable for the new uses, they give the themes of work, communication, quality of stay, identity and diversity a very unique and distinctive dimension.

The installation of new gallery levels in the halls, the careful accentuation and exposure of the structural features of the original halls, and the structuring of the large areas create a playground for the users that allows for identity-creating, future-oriented office uses with a high degree of flexibility.