Am Generalshof residential complex, Berlin

In the Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick, a new residential quarter has been created directly on the waterfront and opposite of the Baumgarteninsel. The quarter is made up of a block and five point buildings, which complement the surrounding area with a mix of residential and commercial uses to create a high-quality and lively area.

ProjectConstruction of a new residential complex
ClientAm Generalshof GmbH & Co. KG
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workObject planning LPH 1-4
Gross floor area14,500 sqm
PhotographyLinus Lintner

The design of the façade radiates calm and gives the quarter a contextual coherence. The generously glazed window areas are slightly indented and staggered floor by floor, giving the façade a gentle sense of depth and dynamism. The façades of the building, which is used exclusively for commercial purposes, are deliberately set apart from those of the residential buildings so that the different uses are clearly visible.

The interior of the residential buildings impresses with its extensive natural lighting, which is enhanced by generous glazing in the corners of the building. Another highlight is the floor-to-ceiling glazing of the façade, which brings the special waterfront location into the interior