Villa Calé

The imposing villa was built in 1907 for the publisher Franz Calé as a personal residence and transformed into a luxurious guest house for the Qatari embassy.

ProjectRenovation and Restoration Villa Calé
ClientPorr Deutschland GmbH
DesignGewers Pudewill
Scope of workBuilding planning work phase 1-5
Size1,460 sqm
TeamArchitect in charge Alexander Mendelsohn
PhotographerEberle & Eisfeld

The 1.200 square meter space offers enough room for events and conferences, as well as having individual rooms for guests and employees. During the restoration of the neoclassical building, a particular emphasis was placed on bringing it up to present-day standards without losing sight of its rich history and character. The Berlin Monument Historical Society for the preservation of listed buildings proves that this was achieved and that the villa has been “successfully restored.”