Fanuc Robotics Germany


The project of FANUC Robotics was designed to meet global standards. The Japanese enterprise, worldwide leaders in the field of automation, asked for more than just a concept for their new German Administration Headquarters located in Stuttgart, right next to the airport.

In order to comply with the demand for global business representation an intelligent systems solution was required. The concept was to follow their business philosophy of „perpetual motion“ and at the same time allow variations in scale according to local requirements depending on national subsidy. The company Corporate Identity was described as modern, functional and open, and these terms were indeed transferred to the architectural design with precision and efficiency.

Place Stuttgart
Project New German Headquarter
Client FANUC Robotics S.A. Echternach, Luxemburg
Design Gewers Kühn und Kühn
Size 8,000 sqm
Completion 2005
Competition 1. Prize 2003