Office complex at the Richard-Strauss-Straße


The planning site on Richard-Strauss-Straße in Munich is located in a heterogeneous environment between Arabellapark, Denninger Anger and small-scale residential and allotment garden structure. It forms the end point of the large-volume and high building structures that have developed from the north to this point since the 1960s. The design thus takes a mediating position as a matter of course and at the same time forms the logical conclusion of this development.

A building structure with simple, superimposed diagonal bars occupies the site and forms a 100m high tower in the southwest. This is based on a rectangle that rotates over the height and forms an independent sculpture.

The building blends into its surroundings, takes up the heights of the flatter neighbouring plinths and, with the tower, emphasises the end of the dense development at Arabellapark in the most compatible location. The result is an urbanistically concise image with generous open spaces to the west and anger side in the east, which draw both the green and the urban environment into the building. Inside, the crossed beams form two attractive inner courtyards.

Place Munich
Competition Closed competition 2019