Bornstedter Feld


Beautifully situated at the Potsdamer Volkspark four new residential buildings are developed in two phases for the housing association ProPotsdam. 48 units of different sizes are created. A newly created large contiguous garden completes the small settlement.

The four 4-storey buildings with tapered layouts geared optimally to the park to the south and west. The property benefits by its length, the houses could be alternately oriented orthogonal and parallel to the road. The alternating arrangement offers interesting spaces to the park and a loosened street view. Due to the rotated orientation more private green areas between the houses and changing nice views to the park arise.

The facades are each divided into a three-sided vibrant facade which is structured by a rhythmic game of large and smaller windows and to give the buildings an individual appearance.

Storey-high windows along the spacious loggias were realized on the sides facing the park that offer a high quality of stay and the buildings receive an interesting intermediate zone. The parapets here are decorated with openwork, brass-colored aluminum and produce an exciting contrast to the quiet plaster.



Place Potsdam
Project Four apartment buildings
Client ProPotsdam GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 5,800 sqm
Completion 2016 (first phase of construction), 2017 (second phase of construction)
Team 1st phase of construction Project Manager: Roland Herpel, 2nd phase of construction Project Manager: Georg Gewers, Rosa Ana López Jueguen